AOC or CAMO Start-Up Consultancy

For many years now FL Technics Engineering has been successfully supporting new and start-up operators by supplying experienced staff to give the organizational capability and the initial momentum for smooth development. We have provided EASA Post Holders to operators to help them launch the initial applications and ongoing business operations until suitable full time staff can be recruited. FL Technics Engineering can also offer interim support to organizations wishing to obtain an AOC.

We provide

  • Highly practical and dynamic approach - professionally balanced commercial, regulatory and safety objectives
  • Integrated compliance, process and product auditing 
  • Maintenance programme development 
  • Technical records management and airworthiness control 
  • Line Maintenance 
  • Procurement & provisioning 
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Maintenance planning & control 

Choose us

  • Impartial and objective perspective from the leading industry experts
  • Expert opinion and up to date knowledge of industry best-practices 
  • Unparalleled knowledge of all relevant regulations and legal requirements 
  • A fleet of over 80 aircraft in CAMO supervision
  • Quality assurance with regards to all project management processes
  • Highly optimized services, with up to 20% cost savings
  • Experienced and competent team of over 50 engineers
  • Effective work processes and state-of-the-art RAMCO IT software tools
  • Top quality services and full support
  • Experience in working with most types of aircraft
  • Independent (from OEMs, Suppliers) and objective(non-airline ownership)