Interior Layout Alteration (LOPA drawings)

FL Technics Engineering is an expert in producing Engineering Orders and Modification Packages to remove and install an entire set of seats from start to finish, including obtaining all the required documentation from the relevant aviation authority. In addition to comprehensive reconfiguration packages, we offer revised weight and moment reports along with any passenger service unit changes or safety equipment re-locations - whichever may be required. 

We provide:

  • LOPA's
  • Galley Layouts and Stowage Positions
  • Decal placement 
  • Safety Equipment
  • Carpet drawings
  • Compliance statements
    • Certificate of Design
    • Certificate of Design & Performance
    • Certificated Repair Drawings 

Choose us

  • Up-to-date EASA regulatory knowledge and expertise
  • Theoretical and practical familiarity with PART 21 procedures
  • Access to readily available specialist resources
  • Proven suppliers of new and verified used parts
  • Quality assurance with regards to all project management processes