Aircraft Weighing

FL Technics Engineering provides a wide range of weight and balance documents including weighing records, weight change records, weight & CG Schedules and loading analyses for air tests or ballast arrangements and load placement as well as checklists to prepare your aircraft for weighing. We have all the necessary equipment and manpower to deliver a comprehensive weighing service package for all commercial and light aircraft.

We provide

  • Analysis of air tests or ballast arrangements 
  • Load placement and checklists to prepare your aircraft for weighing
  • Airport Handling Manuals (AHM) 
  • Weight & CG Schedules

Choose us

  • Time saving solutions
  • No extra costs related to employing the right specialists full-time 
  • Services as needed and when needed
  • Specialized weighing equipment
  • A team of experienced technicians
  • Immediate preparation of all the required documentation
  • On the spot technical assistance 
  • Quality assurance with regards to all project management processes